My Thoughts on Crew for Men Hair Gel


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Crew hair gel for men

Do you ever just wake up and say yes, today is going to be a day that I do my hair? And than your like, nah that’s to much work.

That happens to me every time I get my hair cut but the problem is that one: I don’t have any hair gel that will allow my hair to stay in one place by the time that I get in my car for work, its flat. 

So I don’t like Crew hair Gel

So that means my hair gel sucks but its okay I have a back up if I remember to put in on in the morning. The other thing that kind of reminds me is that my Fiance is a hairstylist and she wants my hair to look good everyday because she is the one that cuts it.

I wouldn’t recommend going to for hair gel, maybe once in a while but I just wait until I get free hair products.

Oh and by the way some of the links I have in this article are affiliate links. Till next time, BYE

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