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keep calm_wm_wm.jpgNow when you think that you can’t afford a nice shirt there is a problem either they are to expensive or they just are to crappy to wear but that’s not the case with Love Life Swagger that is coming to New York with their new clothing line. 

Now we all know that New York clothing is the bomb but you haven’t seen anything yet from Love Life Swagger as they come out with new swag lets call it all the time. The clothing company from Detroit is coming out with LLS For Kids now that is going to show swagger love to many kids.

They have a line of hats that will be hitting the line for kids, they will be winter hats that are comfortably looking for the Christmas season and all of us know that we will need to have some warm clothes both in New York and Detroit this winter. So be pumped to get your love swagger from Love Life Swagger in both Detroit and New York.

And watch out for the kids swag too as they will be coming to a store near you in the next few months. 

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