Nintendo Saves Itself With Nintendo U


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Now just think if Apple came out with a new iPhone not once a year but only every six years. The Apple ratings would be high and people would be beside themselves it would be exciting for Apple fans.

Now that is what its like in the game world gamers are excited to get new systems all the time but they have to wait a long time for them. This year Nintendo fans don’t have to wait because on Nov.18th . Nintendo is introducing Nintendo Wii U. Get your Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Winter Sports Bundle – We Ski Silicone Cases Mat and More 

After introducing the Nintendo Entertainment System to the United States in 1985, Nintendo spent the next 10 years virtually dominating the video-game console market. Other consoles came and went, but few approached Nintendo’s popularity. Nintendo met its match when Japanese entertainment giant Sony entered the field in 1994 with the PlayStation. The Nintendo 64, released two years later, would never outsell the PlayStation. Still, Nintendo’s popular games bolstered the console’s success, and it sold well in the United States. Despite the new competition, Nintendo held strong.

By 2006, Nintendo was in last place. While Nintendo sold about 22 million Gamecubes, Microsoft sold about 25 million Xboxes, and Sony sold 150 million Playstation 2s. What’s more, Nintendo sold about one-third fewer Gamecubes than it had sold Nintendo 64s.
Nintendo’s share of the market seemed likely to shrink again in the next round of consoles. Microsoft and Sony could ultimately do to Nintendo what Nintendo and Sony did to Sega, which once peddled its keystone character, Sonic the Hedgehog, on its own consoles. Nintendo and Sony shouldered it out of the hardware market until it devolved into a mere software company.

Nintendo sure as heck knows how to play the game and should not be taken lightly because they have been the comeback console and they are here to stay.

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