No Derek Jeter For The Yankees


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No Derek Jeter

It must be hard for the Yankees to be missing their captain at shortstop he has played the game and the position the best for years.
Derek Jeter has always played the game with hustle and a no excuses attitude. He has often come through in the clutch to win a game or two.

Jeter does what ever it takes to stay focused to win a ball game, but his teammates have done nothing but drop the ball this post season. It sounds like this postseason the joke is on the Yankees with a bunch bats that can’t do jack.

Berry the outfielder for the Detroit Tigers said “this is the easiest place to play, unlike Oakland where the fans were rowdy”.

With a payroll of $200 million you would think that they would be pumped to play ball but nothing is exciting the New York fans and now they have to come to Detroit and versus Justin Verlander on the mound in game 3? It might be better to put Jeter back at shortstop because they have a hell of a road to travel with Verlander on the mound. But who knows they might make a series out of it if the New York bats came alive. 

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