Pet Peeves of Most Bloggers, Me Too


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Here is a pet peeve of mine being someone that is blogging and has been blogging for years. People that like your stuff all over social media but don’t want to interact with it past that point and don’t share it with their group of friends as something they would use.

I mean you liked what I posted so share the knowledge or share it with some one that would like the topic of discussion.

Lets all face it to. Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs are all here to make some kind of money. Everyone wants to sell you something online or via email.

Email marketing is still and probably be the fastest way to reach people to buy stuff. Look at black Friday for crying out loud. People still shop. It makes them feel better or look better lol. You could go on  and on about black Friday shopping but we all get it.

So just a note help a blogger and blogger because they want to help you out too! Trust me, they put a lot of content to help you learn and shop better.

Just food for thought!

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