Ray Lewis Might Not Be Done With This Season


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Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis 

An expected Ray Lewis as been put on the injured list on Wednesday. John Harbaugh however didn’t put him on the season ending list, but the list for players that will return.

This means that Lewis is going to be able to practice in six weeks and be active on the roster in 8 weeks. This move came a day after John told the team the Ray Lewis would be out for the season with a full tricep tear.

But if you are a Baltimore Ravens fan you shouldn’t get to excited because Lewis as an injury that should take 4 to 6 months to heal. With the Ravens taking a shot at the super bowl this year they would like to their leader on the field to make a run and we are guessing that the Ravens team is willing to take a chance with a injured Ray Lewis if they get that far in the season.

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