Solid Ways to Make Money When You Need It


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The secret is out every one is looking to make what they call extra money because we all need it to buy gas or eat food. 

Even though sometimes money doesn’t make us feel good we all need it to live the life we have. There is a ton of ways to make money and I’m going to cover some, there are a lot so I can get you started on thinking.

You have an opinion .. right? .. Get paid for it!


making money on the web

Get paid to take a picture of your receipt.. Ibotta pays you to take a picture of it right from your phone.

Start using Swagbucks and doing small tasks for them. Take surveys, watch videos, play games. Not something I like to do but if it works for you go for it.

Starting a blog about anything is really good. You can do anything with a blog, like selling SaaS software. To trying to generate for local warehousing.

You can even do a blog for generating auto loans for bad credit locally for car dealerships or on a national scale. Bad credit auto loans is big business and car dealers love to advertise.

You can sell unwanted clothes on I know a lot of people like to clean out their closet around this time of year for newer stuff.

You could set up a little car wash business at your house or a traveling one, a traveling one you might want charge a little more but you can wash and detail cars.

Walking dogs has become a popular thing over the last few years. Not everyone has the time to walk their dogs so you can do it. Its  GOOD way for exercise and you can make a little money having fun with dogs.

You could do for car advertising. Business can pay decent money for you to advertise their business on your car. Like in the Motor City you can advertise for car loans, flowers, software, or lawyers, even grass cutting.

You can sell your photos on stock photo websites.

Now this isn’t all the things you can do to make money but it gives you a good start at coming up with some ideas.

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