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Most men feel comfortable in what they wear like a nice t-shirt and jeans, heck I feel good in a pair of sweat pants and my Sheldon Bazinga t-shirt. Even through its not acceptable anymore to go out in public like that since I am a grown man.

I guess I have to get a bit more classy and leave my tennis shoes at home and get a pair of nice causal shoes to go out in. I don’t know about you but I like to wear minimal accessories when I go out maybe a watch or a bracelet.

Accessories make a boy into a man I don’t know if that is true but here are some accessories that maybe you can try out and see for yourself.
Hugo Boss men's scarf
I’m not one for them and my girlfriend won’t let me wear one but to beef up your style buy a Hugo Boss men’s striped scarf, $65 at Macy’s.

Travel Shaving Brush
You also need a good travel shaving kit to stay groomed I let my beard grow and shave it on important dates but I do like a clean shave. Travel Shaving Brush, $30; and Shaving Bowl and Soap, $40 at L’Occitane

Men’s Ritual

You might want shave gel and after balm too Men’s Ritual includes L’Occitan shaving gel, after-shave balm, shower gel, eau de toilette and soap. A $109 value for $78 at L’Occitane.

Nautica plaid shirtMost women love when men dress in layers, I know my girlfriend loves it so you have to do plus it can give you an ego boost and make you feel good about the way you look. Nautica plaid shirt, $69.50; and sweater, $79.50 at Macy’s. I personally like American Eagle clothing for layer clothing.

Last but the most important are the shoes you wear out you have to have good footwear and Sperry’s can do the trick I have a pair and I love them. Make sure that they are wool you can get a pair of Sperry’s for $65 at Macy’s.

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