Suh Is A Detroit Lions Defensive MVP


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Who is the Detroit Lions defensive MVP’s? Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was asked that question on Friday. He singled out three players that consistently play at high levels. The 3 players are Chris Houston a CB, LB Deandre Levy, and DT Ndamukong Suh.

Suh affects the game in a numbers way, even though he has 3.5 sacks this year Suh has been much for pass rushing.

This year, the Lions rank among the league leaders in tackles for loss against the run and have held backs such as LeSean McCoy and Chris Johnson in check. Suh wants to impact the game when he is out there and thats what he puts on himself. He wants to affect the game when he’s out there, and that’s what people expect. I see him continuing to do that throughout his career. That’s the player he is.

He makes big plays on the defensive side of the ball when it counts most just remember what Suh did against the Eagles to put them in the position to win in overtime. He is truly a game changing player.

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