The Truth About Supplements

So what’s the deal? Are you all too familiar with flipping through the muscle mags only to see ad after ad for supplements toting some ridiculously jacked bodybuilder? You’re probably thinking what everyone else is too. Ya right, these guys are all juiced to the gills….

While I can’t speak for those guys, I can speak for myself and the truth is supplements do work if you take them properly.

Supplements must be teamed up with a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and proper training.

Anyone who thinks that they can take some miracle supplements, and go out and party every weekend is headed down a dead end street to epic failure.

By taking the right supplements at the right time one can increase your body’s anabolism and work capacity, whilst decreasing recovery time.

These supplements increase the body’s ability to train, either increase testosterone or decrease cortisol, or increase protein synthesis.

Some common supplements are….

Antioxidants – protects the body from free radicals after heavy exercise decreasing muscle fatigue & inflammation
BCAA – amino acid availability for muslces offsets the catabolic response to exercise to anabolic
Caffeine – beneficial effects on fatigue and muscle fiber in high-intensity exercise like weightlifting
Calcium – prevents muscle cramping and prolongs fatigue
Protein – allows increased protein intake without the calories
Chromium – used for carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
Coenzyme Q-10
Creatine Monohydrate – increases muscle mass, provides greater levels of energy, and speeds recovery
Fish oil – improves metabolic events and may increase growth hormone secretion
Glutamine – the most abundant amino acid in the body and regulates protein synthesis
Leucine – increases anticatabolic and anabolic effects while stimulating protein synthesis
Magnesium – shown to increase protein synthesis and strength
Vitamins – the ol’ vitamin & mineral stack
Weight gainers

So yes if you know what you’re doing nutritional supplements will improve performance and body composition.

References: Serious Strength Training by Tudor Bompa

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