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Do you ever what to make your home look a little better? Well I have about, 15 ways to do just that and it will cost you just under $100.

Everyone wants to make their home look beautiful. The first thing might be to add a new coat of paint to the house. Paint for a house can do wonders, yes it can set you back a few hundred for the gallons of paint, but it can also inspire you.

Organize set yourself a $100 budget and go to the container store and have a field day just don’t go over $100. Organizing your home can make your home look 10 times larger.

Plant some trees or get a planter box the landscaping can make the house look beautiful and eye appealing. Just go and see what attractive plants you can get for $100. Look at a Japanese maple tree or an evergreen. You can bring the trees in with a fiddle fig leaf.

A nice statement that is easy to do is change the hardware on your front door it can be eye appealing. There is a ton of hardware handles for front doors under $100 plus it looks good to visitors.

As simple as this can be hanging a mirror can bring light into a room and make the room like larger. You can go to or to see what they have for under $100.

One of the last things I would consider is to clean and declutter your home you can hire a maid to help that shouldn’t cost to much.

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