Tiny Hacks You Can Use When Your Traveling (Even Airport Hacks)


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If you travel a lot you may know there are tons of hacks and tricks you can do to get “rewards” at the airport. Let’s dive into a few and see if you know any of them or if you can now use any of them the next time your at the airport. 

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  • Get extra wifi time, by turning back your computer’s clock. The airport only gives you one hour of wifi you can make two hours out of it by rolling back your clock.
  • Keep your kids entertained with window sticker gels. You can probably purchase them on Amazon.com for cheap.  There actually called: Gel window clings.
  • Get through check out by going to the check out farthest to the left. Because most people are right handed people tend to go to the right and not the left when it comes to getting in line.
  • Watch movies via your phone by making your sunglasses a make shift stand. If you have Netflix.com or Hulu.com even Amazon video you can make the trip a breeze. You can even get a pair of decent sunglasses at Sunglasshut.com.
  • Keep your luggage secure with zip ties. Zip ties are cheaper than locks just in case TSA checks your bags also having zip ties on your bags can stop a luggage theft.
  • Carry your own portable phone charger. You can get them off Amazon.com for cheap and you won’t have to wait in line at the airport.
  • Sit outside the airline club lounge for the free wifi. Wifi as you know goes beyond the door so you can get that wifi signal.
  • Watch for extra luggage fees by trying to wear the heaviest clothing so you don’t have to pack it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the upgrades from the airline your flying ask for FREE perks.

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