Tips for Overweight: Beginner’s guide


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After reading this article you will have some tips in your mind about losing fat. This article helps beginners to lose fat.

The beginner should follow a simple method of exercises to lose fat. A beginner can be well defined as someone who’s having training experience of 2 – 4 months. Beginners always make big mistake by following a diet. It is recommended that beginners should not follow a diet. Since diet are not founded on complete nutritious values. It is really difficult for us follow a proper diet and to maintain a long term goal to lose fat.
Before going into briefly let me describe the difference between losing fat and losing weight. Most of the people think that losing weight means to drop water, muscle and fat but that’s not the right way to do. The right way is we should keep the muscle and lose fat. To maintain a muscle we need more calories and metabolism. Here calories maintain the muscle and metabolism supports the muscle.
Beginners have to make changes in their life style where you can survive with your activity level and food. This decreases your sugar levels and fat in your body. Try eating the food which has low fat, high protein and moderate carb. You also need to work on cardio exercises to loose fat we need to burn more calories by doing some physical activities. Eat 5 to 6 small meals but try avoiding taking large meals.
The food supplies nutrients and energy to body. Beginners need to have an idea about the food they are eating and need to choose the better food. We know that everyone loves eating tasty food.
Always prefer eating the food which has fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Our body is made up of proteins so we need to take more proteins everyday which performs many functions in our body. Proteins perform the operations in various combinations of amino acids .These are building blocks of proteins.
Carbohydrates: Acts like fuel in the body. To gain carbohydrates we need to eat slow burning carbs. But eating carbs in exceeds amount will store as fat in our body. 
Here we can give an example for simple understanding. If we are filling gas in cars tank, when the tank is filled and if you still try to fill with gas the gas comes out from the place. Same in our body when we are eating excess amount carb it spills out and turns into fat. Make a proper choice before eating the food see that it contains low level of sugar, calories and low fat we should always control the food part.
Good protein food they are fish, turkey, red meat and chicken.
Good carbs are beans, pears, oatmeal, veggies, bananas, apples.
Bad carbs: white flour, pastries, cakes, cookies and so on.
Good fat: low fat cheese, almonds, olive oil, peanut butter and so on.
Bad fat: deep fried food, fat meats, fat salad dressing and so on.
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