Tips To Make You Not “That Person” At The Gym

You a hot shot at your gym and you want to keep it that way? Here are a few things you want to do to keep your klout at the gym. 

  1. Put It Back
    No one came here to play hide-and-seek. People who move equipment around. You use the weight put them back after your done. 
  2. Wipe down the equipment
    No one wants to eat your sweaty back. Especially if your old and hairy. Plus it takes like 30 seconds to do these easy task.
  3. Use The Locker Room For You Crap
    People at the gym don’t want to have obstacles to get to the equipment. Put your shit in a locker. Most of the people see going to the gym as an obstacle to begin with.
  4. Ask For Help
    Not sure how to use a machine or need a spotter? Ask, you all are at the gym for the same reason.
  5. Don’t Hog The Mirror
    If your lifting that is one thing but don’t stand their fixing your hair for a selfie. Your at the gym to work, not pamper.
  6. Leave The Tech For Music
    Machines are often in use by some lazy ass that is at the gym for show.  Don’t be that guy that sits at a machine for 30 minutes. Do your reps and be gone. 
This will also help you gain respect from your fellow gym goers. But if you go your kind of on your own, they have their own rules

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