Top 2 Exercises That Will Make You An Irresistible Chick Magnet


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Not that type of chick magnetchick magnetThis type of chick magnet.
Even if you don’t have the money of a millionaire, or the celebrity status of a singer who can sing the panties off any woman in the world, you still have your body, right?
Why not give it the best it deserves so you can give women the best they deserve?
As a former strength coach, who has trained both men and women as seen a whole gamut of body types…
…and I’ve also asked women what body part the love in a man or notice in a man. So I’m going to give you 2 simple exercises that will turn you into a chick magnet and capture the eyes of women.
You might wonder where the chest and bicep exercises are as you scroll through the list, and there is a place for those exercises and they do serve their purpose, but if you’re looking to grab the attention of women as you walk down the street, your chest and biceps will not capture their attention.

Thus, here are the 2 exercises that you make you a chick magnet.

1. The Squat.
Just the way men loves buns, so do women. And what exercise not only looks manly in the gym, but also makes you more manly–the squat.
The squat is one of those FULL-BODY exercises that induces massive growth. So although you may believe you’re only working your legs, a heavy squat routine over the course of 8 weeks will pack on some serious muscle!
Where most people go wrong is the amount of weight they choose to lift, and the form in which they lift the weight.
Below is a video of perfect form. Notice how deep he goes into his squat, how tight his back is, and how powerful to gets out of the bottom position. Emulate this and you’ll have a great squat.

Assuming you have never squatted before, start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions as a moderate intensity, which means on your 10th repetition, you should feel like you could do another 2-3 repetitions, but will rack the bar instead. Failure works in the gym, but it can be dangerous on squat. 2. Deadlift. Two lower body exercises in one workout!? You wanna be a chick magnet don’t you? How much pain and suffering would you go through to have all these beautiful women’s hands all over you? chick magnet The deadlift is such an effective exercise to become a chick magnet because your back will become so chiseled that women will not be able to stop feeling on it… …any time they can. And don’t guys with big backs look so much more intimidating than guy with little backs? So, in order to get a nice, thick back that women want to wrap their arms around, I’d recommend performing the deadlift once a week with a higher than moderate intensity. Anywhere from 4-8 sets of 2-5 repetitions will work. The video below contains all the details about performing the perfect deadlift that will not cause any damage to your back. I love these guys because of how hardcore they are within the limits of safety. Grow into a chick magnet by incorporating these two exercises into your gym routine. Although you won’t see a flock of women nipping at your heels after your first workout, you will notice more eyeballs staring at you as you pile on the weight… …and stroll as if you have imaginary lat syndrome (ILS). However, it won’t be imaginary because your muscles will ACTUALLY be pushing your arms to the side.

Use the exercises wisely and as a chick magnet, spread the word to others about how they become their own chick magnet.

Resource Box (Author Profile): Lanell Beckles is an ex-Olympic strength coach turned Internet marketer. He learned that if you combine a great body with money, women become irresistible to you. Therefore, he became his own boss and helps other people learn how to. Visit his website where he blogs about how to make money online and have a life

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