Top 5 Pontoon Boats For 2012

When you are thinking of going out on the water to party you want a boat that will meet all of your partying needs and there is only one boats that will do that for you its a Pontoon boat. They are really big and good for having 10 to 14 people on them at one time.

If you are going to party you will want to party in style and here is a countdown of the best pontoon boats out there on the market. Manitou boats seem to have a wide selection of nice pontoon boats that could be good for any family or party destination.


Is one of the best boats out there right now, the x-plode is the perfect boat for someone looking to move on from the less spacious fiberglass runabout but still wants to engage in fast-paced water sports.

The x-plode is available in:

Price: $50K – $70K


The SES (Stern Entertainment System) is another perfect example of how Manitou is leading the industry in innovative, creative thinking. 

SES is available in:

Foot: 25, 27
Price: $45K – $70K


As Manitou’s most luxurious offering, the Legacy combines superior craftsmanship and innovative design with exquisite fit and finish. 

Legacy is available in:

Foot: 23, 25, 27
Price: $35K-$37k


Bennington has ESP for the best boating experience out on the water they lead the competition in riding performance. If you want to get boat this year this is the puppy you want.

Legacy is available in:

Foot: 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25,  28
Price: N/A

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