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Now that winter is upon us and the snow has fallen it can all go away Christmas is over but if only it was that easy. Here are some top winter coats you might want to look into if you don’t have one.When shopping for a winter coat its all about your style and what you look good in.

I like the rugged outdoors men’s winter coat it keeps me warm and they can take a beating. I get my winter coat dirty no matter what.

1. Outside all day bloody coat – Make sure its a big coat so when you wear it the coat will keep you cozy but make sure that the coat cuts off at the knees because you will look like an egg with legs.

2. Off to do smart coat – A woollen overcoat (clue’s in the name) is the answer. You can’t go wrong with a charcoal-grey one. That will look good over any colour.

3. Causal on and off coat – This will be your every day coat they are great coats to have I have one and I get it dirty all the time but the sucker keeps me toasty.
Now if you have a winter coat already that your wife or girlfriend got you for Christmas just keep these in mind, if you ever wear it out

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