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waffle street reviewI don’t do this a lot but there were some movies I have recently watched which I want to note that were good. They are on Netflix if you have access to the movies or are bored one night with nothing to watch. 

The first one is Man Up – British movie, slow at first but picks up and is funny the humor had me and my girlfriend laughing. It has Simon Pegg in it. Which if you have seen Shaun of the dead you know who he is and he is hilarious.  Here is the trailer for it. I would say this movie is worth watching one time, but I am not a movie buff at all and my humor is actually one of a kind.


The 2nd movie is Waffle Street  – Good true story of rag to riches jaded financier. Good story line makes you think about what is important in life and to go after what makes you happy. I’m not going to give the story away but I would watch it again but again I am not a movie buff at all.


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