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Every man needs to develop his own sense of style and if you haven’t already you need to start now There are many websites that you can follow to get a good idea on men’s style. I follow manofmany.com and a few other sites.
But as a man you need to have your own sense of what you like and want. Here are some things that every man should want and needs to have.

  1. Solid Navy Suit – Its good for any occasions party, wedding, or just a date. You don’t need to wear a tie though.  Kings’ Court Big & Tall Two-Button Suit Jacket, Navy Big-60 
  2. Classic Blazer – nothing fancy just something to wear out GUESS Morley Seasonal Blazer, BROWN SUEDED 2 WASH (MEDIUM) 
  3. Grey Slacks – For when a suit and tie is to much. Kuhl Revolver Pants – 32″ Inseam – Men’s – Grey In Size: 40 
  4. 2 white and 2 blue t-shirts
  5. Maroon, Navy and Yellow patterned ties Tommy Hilfiger Blackwatch With Stripe Tie – Yellow – Os 
  6. Deiem Jeans 
  7. Knit polo shirt in cotton or lightweight wool or cashmere
  8. Corduroy trousers
  9. Black leather jacket – every well dressed man need one.

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