What You Shop for Online Can Help or Hurt You


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Shopping for anything online can kind of suck from warehousing for your eCommerce business because your garage is getting to full with inventory which can happen to any online business. But you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on warehousing because it can cut into your margins.

Like take an amazon tee shirt business for example. You want low overhead because you have to cover the cost of the tees but if you get inventory you will want to put the shirts somewhere right.

So you have to search the web for low cost high value inventory warehousing and its not all sugar and beans. I don’t know how sugar and beans go together either never tried it.

But the warehousing space is out there if your looking for it.

shopping online can be trouble

What you buy online with credit

Now lets move on to how it can be difficult to purchase other things on the web also. Car loans and mortgages being a huge one. You don’t want to jump into a car loan with your eyes closed I know that much.

Interest rates are low but not for long as I have been told so make sure its fixed or maybe pay for the car or house with more cash so you don’t have too pay on the loan for a long time. Its hard we all get it but we all have to go through it.

No a credit card isn’t an answer if you have debt already in some cases. Yes it can increase your credit line but only if you pay down your current debt. DON’T SPEND. Amazon.com can be your weakness, well any ONLINE SHOPPING can be your weakness. Emails for sales can get you in trouble, thank you Oldnavy.com, didn’t need it this week.

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Stay busy my friends!

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