Where Do You Buy Your Sun Glasses?

Now isn’t this funny its summer time and you don’t have a pair of sun glasses and your pair that you have worn for the last two years keep breaking and when I say breaking I mean the lens pops out every time you put them on.

Why buy new sun glasses?

buying sun glasses for the summer

You bought them at Guess.com and they lasted you a long time but its times to upgrade because you where them everywhere, especially in your car when your driving so you want a great pair of Ray Bans.

But Ray-Ban.com are so expensive are they worth it? I don’t know your here reading from a guy that loses his sun glasses 4 weeks after he buys them. Yes I pay maybe $20 at most for my glasses or I get the “free promotion” sun glasses. The ones that people hand out to say thanks for staying here.

But I do look pretty cool driving my car with pink sun glasses, no not really just get weird looks on the highway. its all good though.

Shop Amazon for sun glasses

But I do know a lot of people that like to invest a ton of time into buying their sun glasses they even look on Amazon.com each year for more.

Sun glasses are an essential part of the summer for any event, going to the beach all the way down to looking good in your car.

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