Why Buy Good Smelling Candles

smell good candles

Why Buy Good Smelling Candles

So here is one of those posts that i do in secret but now you know.. Its going to be about candles. Yes I like to have candles going in my house or in my office it allows for more of a refreshing scent. Now I don’t know a ton about candles besides that they smell good. 

There are 2 candles that I have recently tried and one of them is:

Medium Sweet Pea Heritage® Scented Candle

The next one is:

Medium Caramel Pumpkin Kiss Heritage Scented Candle (This one is one of my FAVS)

pumpkin candle

Also want to point this out even though I am a dude my fiance still burns candles. I am currently looking at candles while i am writing this. So do something sweet for your girl and look at investing in some high quality smelling candles like I did. I go to marshallsonline.com or Tjmaxx.tjx.com now to see what their candle selection looks like from time to time.

There is nothing wrong with walking into a room that smells good 🙂

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