You Can Be Smarter By Playing Video Games


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You have to put aside the nerds that play video games in their parents basement with their bathrobes on and their Star Wars action figure collection surrounding them.

It now looks like video games can help with the development of key skills and in fact support brain function.

Video games can teach you how to think critically and solve problems. If you think about it video games always have you thinking of a way to solve a problem or becoming creative with your solutions. Immersive video games can catalyze this fresh thinking in a much more powerful and 3-dimensional way.

They teach you collaboration skills group play is growing at a fast rate right now with web 2.0.  To be successful video game players need to form an alliance and work toward a common ends. This will teach you how to work well with others in real life.

They teach you how to fail, I know that isn’t the best way to come out with it but I know playing video games as a kid I failed a lot but I learned how to problem solve with video games.

Video games have a clear winner and a loser, in the end it helps you gain respect with the person you compete with.

They make us happy, what I mean by that is that we are able to show hard work and master the video game and one day be able to say we have mastered that game. Video games make us stretch our limitations to see how far we can go.

So next time you are playing Star Wars think of the game as brain food.

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