Your Next Car, How to Buy It

buying a car new or used

Your Next Car, How to Buy It

This is an age old question should you buy or lease your car? Everyone needs a little help with the decision and here it is!

Your priority if you lease

buying a car new or used


Lets go over that.

When you sign for a lease you want to pay as little upfront.

You have to be confident with your credit history. You really can’t lease a car without good credit. When your leasing you want to keep your credit history out of the picture.

Lease a vehicle if your not paying for a mortgage or other family expenses.

You want to lease if you don’t drive far. Remember you might pay more if you go over your miles.

Lease if you own your own business, leases can be a business deduction, its a leasing expense.

Your going to want to lease if your looking to change cars every two to three years.

You might want to look at leasing when you are comfortable taking on the commitment and your okay with starting new every time you get a new car.


You want to buy if you are thinking of the following or trying to do the following.

You like to get the trade in value of your car for a newer car it can be a new or used car.

Your able to sell the car if you get into a pinch.

You prefer to drive the car until it basically “dies”.

Buy if you can’t claim your car as a business expense.

If you put a ton of miles on the car or do a lot of hours on the road you want to buy.

If you have a mortgage or looking to save for a family you don’t want to worry about a car every couple of years.

Buy if you want your credit to go to not play a big factor like it would if you leased.

If you want to pay a lower payment each month and pay a bit more for a down payment upfront you will want to purchase the car.

Now buying a leasing all comes down to what your comfortable with and what you can afford with auto financing. But you can buy a new or used car just make sure the payments are in your favor.

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